viernes, 26 de febrero de 2010

New update!

There was a terrible error in the application, instead of staring on level 1, it was starting on level 27... So its terrible hard... sorry for the mistake.

I have updated the app to version 1.01. Now we have to wait till the new approval...

Sorry guys :(

jueves, 25 de febrero de 2010

The app is ready for "sale" =D

Look at this! is awesome!
The app is already online!

Here is the link for you to check/download the app (it works on any browser)
Thanks  to all the person that supported me and helped me on my quest :)

Good night ppl!

miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010

The app was submitted...

Thanks to the help of "Matias Gorostegui" I had finally uploaded the app to the appstore! JAY!


If you have any problem using the app, you can post a comment here, I will update this post with the resolution status for each bug/new feaure you post.

Version 1.0 has a error on the level start, it starts on level 27 instead of starting on level 1, so its a really hard game. A fix was submitted to app store. Now all we have to do is wait...

The app is about to be submited!

I'm preparing all the stuff to finally submit the app... I'm so exited! Here are some screenshots...

See you later!